Machine Learning and Systems Rising Stars

Congratulations to all 2023 Rising Stars!

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What is ML and Systems Rising Stars?

The ML and Systems Rising Stars is an initiative designed to identify a cohort of early-to-late-stage and recently graduated PhD students, as well as other researchers with a relevant background, to develop community, foster research and career growth, enable collaborations, and discuss career opportunities among the rising generation of researchers at intersections of machine learning and systems.

This initiative has a number of key goals including:

Rising Stars Workshop

Rising Star recipients will be invited to an in-person workshop which includes opportunities to present and discuss your research, build career development skills, and interact with industry and academic partners in the machine learning and systems area.

How to Apply

The ML and Systems Rising Stars program is open to all graduate students and post-doctoral associates (in academic and industry institutions) with research backgrounds and/or interests in the machine learning and systems area. There are no strict guidelines for what year of graduate study applicants should be. Participants interested in both academic and industry career paths are welcome to apply. We strongly encourage individuals from historically marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds, including gender, racial, geographic, socioeconomic, and other vectors of identity in computing and technology, to apply.

Particular areas of research in the ML and Systems space include:

2024 Rising Start important dates:

Application Details

Rising Star application materials include:

Program Committee

Steering Committee

Organizing Team

Contact Us

Email inquiries regarding the ML and Systems Rising Stars program and/or eligibility can be directed to


The 2023 Rising Stars program is generously supported by ML Commons! If you are interested in supporting the ML and Systems Rising stars program, please contact the organizing team.