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Accelerating Machine Learning Innovation

MLCommons is a collaborative engineering organization focused on developing the AI ecosystem through benchmarks, public datasets, and research. Together with our members, which include startups, leading companies, academics, and non-profits from around the world, we are working to make Machine Learning better for everyone.


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Benchmarks provide consistent measurements of accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Consistent measurements enable engineers to design reliable products and services and empower researchers to compare innovations and choose the best ideas to drive the solutions of tomorrow.


Datasets are the raw materials for all of machine learning. Models are only as good as the data on which they are trained. Academics and entrepreneurs in particular depend on public datasets to create new technologies and new companies.

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MLCommons is a community-driven and community-funded effort. We welcome all corporations, academic researchers, nonprofits, government organizations, and individuals on a non-discriminatory basis. Join us!

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